About Us

Mahatma Degree College, relentlessly striving to continue providing high quality education to its students. In an ever increasing competitive world .

Bachelor of Art and Bachelor of science both are always in demand for the student who want to avail IAS, PCS and other compatitative exam, as professional market demand for degree holder is increasing in Uttar Pradesh.

Mahatma Degree College will focus on providing academic and practical Knowledge to students pursuing in Undergraduate . Greater emphasis is laid on having a synthesis of classroom learning and practical application In an ever increasing competitive world, Mahatma Degree College has adopted a teaching methodology of education .

Mahatma Degree College is a centre of excellence in the field of Under graduate education by adopting modern teaching and training techniques. To make Graduates capable of pursuing a carrier at Various secotrs, competing for Defense services, Public sectors, Health sectors and placement in corporate including multi- nationals. Educate students for the changing needs of the society by making them good professionals.